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We understand that finding the perfect stock house plan is a tedious task. Truth be told, the perfect plan may not exist in a stock format. If a plan has the basic layout you have been looking for, but you are not satisfied with other aspects of the design, then reach out to us about customizing a plan to meet your needs.
You can either fill in the form below, outlining your requested changes or email us with your requests and any plan markups. We will respond within 24 hours with a quote for our services.
You may choose to purchase a study copy of the working drawings. The study copy will provide a clearer understanding of the design than the rendering and plans on the website. The cost of the study copy will be credited back to you if a working drawing package is purchased (six set of plans, PDF or CAD format) regardless if you purchase the package with or without plan customization.
Our typical charges for plan modifications include the PDF fee for the plan plus a quote for the modifications. Shipping and handling for paper sets of plans is extra. There is no charge for emailing the final plans in PDF format. This option allows you to print as many sets locally for the construction of a single home (for additional construction license, click here
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Want to modify a plan? It’s easy.

If a plan has the layout you have been looking for but you would like some changes, we can customize a plan to meet your needs. Learn more.