frequently asked questions

  • What is included with my plan purchase?

    Every licensed plan purchase (Electronic PDF and Electronic CAD) includes:

    A license to build: Your plans allow you to build the home ONE time. Only a Multi-Use License allows you to build the home more than once, usually only needed by builders.

    Floor Plans: The floor plans will have call outs for door and window sizes, the come fully dimensioned and notations for specific items such as ceiling treatments and stair information. Typically we indicate floor and ceiling framing above on the floor plans.

    Exterior Elevations: Elevations depict the exterior of the house and include information such as siding and roof materials. Floor heights are noted and dimensioned along with the head heights for windows.

    Roof Plans: This plan provides a plan view of the roof and includes information such as roof pitch, overhang dimensions and rafter bearing heights.

    Building Sections & Details: Typically we provide a cross section of the entire house at 1/4″ = 1′-0″. Additional details include a typical wall section, porch section and any specific details such as gable brackets or pergola if applicable.

    Foundation Plan: For crawl space, we include pier locations, floor system sized and direction, girder sized, crawl space door located. We typically show crawl space as encapsulated so no vents will be indicated on the plan. For slab foundations, we locate plumbing fixtures and denote any required step downs from the main slab to the garage and porches.

    Electrical Plans: We locate all light fixtures, switches, smoke detectors, ceiling fans and bath exhaust fans along with associated wiring.

    General Specifications Sheet: A list of structural information that pertains to the home that follows the current building code. As with all of our stock plans, we recommend working with a local structural engineer to address the sizing of beams and any other pertinent structural issues.

    *Plans are NOT stamped by an engineer. Plans are provided as “stock” and will need to be reviewed and possibly modified to suit your specific site conditions and local building codes prior to beginning construction. Heating/air conditioning layouts, and plumbing are not included. Consult a local mechanical contractor for systems suitable for local climate conditions. The plans are consistent with the current IRC One and Two Family Dwelling Code.

  • Can I build multiple homes from the plan I purchase?

    No. When you purchase a PDF or CAD plan you are purchasing a license to build ONE residence. If you are a builder and are interested in an Additional License or a Multi-Use License, please call us at 910-319-0210.

  • How are my plans delivered?

    Once you purchase your plan through our site, your plan will be emailed to you in a timely manner.

  • Can I return my plans?

    No. PDF and CAD files may not be returned for credit and/or refund. All sales are final. Please double-check your selection before ordering. You can alway purchase a Study Copy if you are unsure and share this with your builder. The cost of the Study Copy will be applied to the purchase of the same house plan.

  • Can I modify the plan?

    YES! You can either fill in the form on our Modify A Plan page, outlining requested changes or email us with your requests and any plan markups. We work with people all across the country via phone and email to deliver your customized house plans. We bill modification by the hour and complexity of the requests. After receiving your changes, we review them and give you a quote in a timely manner.

  • What are Electronic CAD files?

    AutoCAD (CAD) Drawings are electronic construction files that can be modified by a CAD professional with AutoCAD compatible software.

  • What is a Study Copy and can I build from one?

    A study copy is a full set of the working drawings, including floor plans, elevations, details, schematic structural plans and electrical plans. The words “Study Copy not for Construction” appears diagonally across each page.

    Can I Build From A Study Copy:  No. In order to obtain a construction license, you can purchase one of our licensed options: Electronic PDF or CAD file. The cost of the study copy (not including shipping) is credited to your purchase of the same house plan. Call to receive your credit when purchasing the full plan. Constructing a house or reproduction of the plan in any form from a study copy is prohibited. All of our plans are protected under US Copyright law.

    Benefits Of A Study Copy: A study copy can provide you with the information to better evaluate the overall scope of the design. Sharing the study copy with your builder can help you understand potential construction costs and determine if any modifications should be made to help control those costs.

  • Can a plan be flipped or reversed to better fit my homesite?

    Reversing/flipping a house plan is a common request! Most plans have a Full Reverse option readily available, which is a mirror image of the plan with right-reading text. There is a charge of $100 for plan reversal.

  • Do my plans include Structural Engineering?

    NO. Our plans do not include structural engineering. Some states require that a licensed architect or engineer review and stamp the plans. If this is the case where you will be building, a structural engineer licensed in your state will need to be hired by you or your builder.

    We include schematic structural plans. Schematic structural plans include a roof plan and foundation plan. Floor systems are denoted on the floor plans. Beam, girders and rafter sizes are not included on our plans.

  • Do your plans meet codes in my area?

    Our house plans are designed to be consistent with the IRC One and Two Family Dwelling Code, but do not meet local climatic and geographical design criteria. National and local building codes vary with location and change from time to time. We recommend you to meet with a local builder, architect or other construction professional to review your local building codes and make any changes to the house plan these codes may require. Additionally, stock plans do not have a professional stamp attached. If your building department requires one, they will only accept a stamp from a professional licensed in the state where you plan to build. In this case, you will need to take your house plans to a local engineer or architect for review and stamping.

  • What else do I need to start building outside of the house plans?

    We recommend you have your plans Engineered by a local firm to ensure they are compliant with local building codes. Depending upon where you will be building, you may need to make modifications to make plans suitable for your site. Neighborhood HOA and some coastal areas require that the plans be reviewed and stamped by an engineer or architect. Plumbing and HVAC specs are not included.

  • Do you provide a materials list?

    Due to the many factors that can affect the cost of building a home, we do not offer a materials list for our home plans. Purchasing a Study Copy is a great way to supply your builder with the information they would need to formulate an estimate for you.

  • Why aren't HVAC and plumbing specifications included in the plans?

    Because local HVAC codes, climatic requirements and commonly used systems vary dramatically throughout the country, we do not include these details on our plans. Likewise, we do not know which direction the water flow will enter your house. Your local HVAC contractor and plumber can determine the best layout for your home.

  • Where can I get prints of my plans made?

    Many places such as Staples, Office Max, FedEx Office and local print shops can print your plans at full size for you.

  • Do you offer Marketing Materials?

    YES! For builders we have Marketing Material options available for web and print. See our packages on our Builders page

  • Do you have photos of the plan I'm interested in?

    We are constantly updating our website with new photography in an effort to show photos for as many plans as possible.

  • Can I tour a house in my area before I buy the plan?

    We respect our customers privacy. Therefore, we do not release information on where homes have been built by our customers. We have relationships with builders who may have a Model Home of a particular plan that would be available for touring. Send a request to and we will do our best.

  • Does the price of a Study Copy apply to the purchase of the plans?

    YES! The cost of the study copy is credited to your purchase of the same house plan. Call to receive your credit when purchasing the full plan. Constructing a house or reproduction of the plan in any form from a study copy is prohibited. All of our plans are protected under US Copyright law.

  • Why don't you modify plans for Florida?
    Due to the complexities of the building codes and construction methods we do not offer plan modifications for building sites in the state of Florida. We recommend purchasing the CAD file and having a Florida design professional modify the plans.