PDF: (Portable Document Format) This option, delivered via email (no shipping costs), will allow you to print as many sets required for the construction of a single home. You can also have a local design professional redraw and make changes. This is our most popular delivery option as it provides flexibility to the purchaser.

CAD: This option will provide a copy of the actual CAD file delivered via email (no shipping costs). This is a smart choice for the purchaser as it allows modifications to the original plans without having to have your design professional redraft the entire plan. If the plan is to be structurally engineered, this will save you time and expense. We will provide a complimentary PDF with the purchase of the Cad file option.

Study Copy: This PDF option allows the purchaser to receive a full set of the construction documents that will have “Study Copy, not for construction” across the file along with a red copyright stamp. It allows the purchaser to study all aspects of the working drawings prior to committing to the purchase of the two delivery options previously explained. We will credit the cost of the study copy back to the purchaser if any of the two construction package options listed above is purchased.